MKDG is a contributing party when it comes to defining the role of the audit structures that are to be created within a company. MKDG also assists the responsible officers to better coordinate the structures by helping them to define their objectives and establish progress plans relative to these goals. MKDG conducts its appointed auditing assignments in accordance to international audit standards. Our auditing services cater to three essential requirements:

Assessment of internal controls

Internal auditing plays a performance measurement role within a company, allowing its business leaders to assess the reliability and relevance of their financial data, the efficiency of their procedures, and to gauge to what degree their assets are protected against risks.

Independent financial auditing

An evaluation of whether a company’s financial statements are accurately represented, allows shareholders and other third parties (banks, clients, suppliers, etc…) to have an independent attestation on the quality of the accounting information provided by that company. This is especially important in the case where the company is a bank.

Statutory auditing

Above and beyond the application of generally accepted international accounting and reporting standards, we also perform statutory auditing that complies with the regulations of the country of incorporation.