Your company in Mauritania

Creation and set-up

MKDG can offer you its extensive knowledge of the local market’s inner workings to help you successfully set-up your company in Mauritania. In order to identify the opportunities and to outline the best conditions for your business’ establishment, MKDG proposes a complete assistance and monitoring package starting with the arrangement of the constitutional basis, the administrative follow-up, validation of the company name, drafting of the statutes and of course, full banking follow-up.

Optimizing the payroll

Profound knowledge of the legislative framework is essential when one wants to improve a company’s payroll structure. This is no different within Africa, and with MKDG’s expertise you can count on making substantial savings as well as benefiting from the most optimal payroll management that is in full accordance with existing legislation.

Contract Analysis

Prior to the signing of any contractual engagement taking place, MKDG will analyze and control the contents of the contract with you, thereby giving you adequate legal protection. The drawing up of contracts is one of the main challenges faced by foreign companies; contracts that are drawn up in full accordance with existing legislation can ensure your business’ safety and success.