We firmly believe that all pursuits of continuous improvement are based on the principle of the DEMING wheel:

This principle consists of the fact, that when we pursue improvement, we must verify that the obtained results meet with the expectations, and recommence the exercise by implementing any newly gained insights.

Deming said:  “We need to start by improving what we know how to do already, but not yet well enough. Only then can we innovate. Not the other way round”.

The Deming wheel is divided into 4 steps:

The Deming Wheel

PLAN (P) : Establish the objectives, how they are to be reached and the timetable.

DO (D) : Provide training and then execute.

CHECK (C) : Assess whether or not the expected results have been achieved. If not, identify the differences and what went wrong.

ACT (A) : Take corrective action in order to reach the set-out objectives and make sure that these steps are beneficial.


Improvements are assured once one repeatedly carries out the 4 steps of the cycle. The ACT step is one which we have a natural tendency to ignore; this neglect can lead to reoccurring problems that have a draining effect on a company’s operations.

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